Guide to Researching your Home's History

Home Histories plans to offer detailed research tips for specific locations. Please check the list below for areas that are currently covered.

Begin With What You Know - Chances are you purchased your home and have the title search and other documentation that was provided to you. By reviewing that material you can probably complete your Home Profile, find the previous owners' names, and begin to formulate your search for additional information.

Talk to Neighbors  They may have known the previous owners and have interesting stories to tell. 

Check your County's Website Many Counties provide online access to property information. 

Visit local historical societies - they are likely to have information on some homes, plus city directories, photos, and occasionally family archives

Visit a public library - the library may not have archives or property information, but may carry books that help you date the age of your home by architectural style, building materials, etc. If you explain your project, the librarians may have other helpful suggestions about local resources. 

Internet Search - Checking your address and former owner names online may yield surprising results

As you discover new facts about your home, be sure to record them, using Past Owners and Miscellaneous Facts forms. For additions and remodels, you might want to use Home Improvement forms. Remember to keep track of your sources, too!

Reading Handwritten Deeds

Local Instructions