Important Online Sources for Oregon Properties

  • General Land Office Records (BLM)
    • This is the best online source for determining earlier settlers on your property
    • Before using this source, determine the Township, Range and Section of your property 
    • Use the Surveys tab if you wish to search by name
    • Use the CDI tab to search by Donation Land Claim number (enter it as the Document number). An image of the original document may be available, although it may be difficult to read
    • Use the SURVEYS tab to view maps for your township and section. The early surveys may show Donation Land Claim boundaries in more detail than other resources. Be sure to check every map because some are more complete than others
    • This link provides additional instructions for GLORecords
  • Historic Oregon Newspapers might turn up articles about the people who lived in your home.
  • Newspapers.com is another source that covers many local papers, but it requires a subscription.



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