About Home Histories

Home Histories' mission is to provide subscribers with tools to create, maintain, and share their own home histories. In addition, Home Histories promotes historical societies that preserve and share community histories.


Home Histories offers you the tools to build your own web pages about your home and its history. Investigating past owners and other historical facts about your home can increase your own sense of ownership and belonging. Adding web pages about events that occur in your home, such as weddings and family gatherings, can enhance your memories. Home Histories provides a place in the cloud for many images that invoke those memories, and facilitates sharing them with friends. 

Home Histories is not only fun, it is practical. If you record the contents of your home, filing an insurance claim in the event of a disaster will be easier, and potentially more successful. Having information readily available about landscaping and home improvements can facilitate your future projects. Everyone loves a story, and every home has a history. If you sell your home, your work can differentiate it from other homes on the market and encourage interest in it. 

I am Pat Harper, the owner of Home Histories and the website creator. From 2010 through 2018, I was the Archivist for Southern Oregon Historical Society. One day in 2017, as the SOHS volunteers and I were researching the history of a house, I knew this website would be useful. No similar site existed, so I decided to build it. Fortunately, my background includes website development and maintenance. In addition to being employed by SOHS as their Archivist, I developed the sohs.org website, and continue to be its volunteer webmaster.

Although Home Histories is a business and I hope to make an income from it, I do not plan to maximize profits with ads. I do plan to donate at least 10 percent of gross income to historical societies. I also hope to increase awareness and use of historical societies. At this point, Home Histories ​has no employees or outside financing, just a little help from family and friends. I hope you will join me as a subscriber, and help this project grow!

Please Contact Home Histories if you have questions or comments.