Terms and Conditions

PAYMENT: Subscription payments are made to Home Histories via Stripe. Home Histories does not collect credit card or bank information.

REFUNDS: Refunds may be requested, minus $10 for fees, including donation to selected historical society, within 10 days of registration. All subscriber data will be deleted once a refund is granted. Send request to webmaster@homehist.com

SAFETY: Home Histories is hosted on commercial servers. The hosting company performs daily backups and maintains mirrored servers.
In the unlikely event of data loss due to a server crash, subscribers will be notified of date and time.
Home Histories only deletes subscriber data if the subscriber requests deletion.
In the event of nonpayment of renewal fees, subscribers' data may be archived and unavailable to prior subscribers or their guests.
Restoration of archived data will require payment of a fee. Contact Home Histories.
Home Histories cannot be held responsible for loss of data due to circumstances beyond its control.

SECURITY: Home Histories maintains a secure website and Home Histories will never share your content or images, but Home Histories cannot guarantee privacy in the event of hacking or malicious activity. Only Home Histories staff, subscribers, and designated guests of subscribers, may view subscriber web pages. Home Histories does not collect bank or credit card information, only names and email addresses. Subscribers are requested to exercise caution in uploading confidential information and documents. Subscribers are encouraged to create secure, strong passwords, and only share their web pages with trusted people. In the event subscribers choose to make their web pages public, only the Home Profile and Slideshows are made available.